Thursday, November 4, 2010


Everyone please welcome our new little bundle of joy! His name is Buddy, and he's an English bulldog puppy. We picked him up from Kansas when he was just 3 months old back in September... these pictures of over the course of 2 months so you'll be able to see him grow just a little. He is so much fun!

I realize that there are a ton of pictures here of our new puppy... he is too cute, though (spoken like a new puppy owner). He and Simon do not communicate very well but I have high hopes that they will learn how to respect each other and live in peace. He loves his tennis ball, peanut butter and playing with everyone. Michael and I are learning how to be good puppy owners and realizing that it takes a ton of patience. He is such a sweetheart, though. Obviously, the cute sleepy pictures are from the first few days he was here. He has since decided he can only sleep in his kennel/pen and only when we close the door behind him.

I can't wait until he learns how to cuddle on the couch :)