Sunday, January 24, 2010


So, I like to cook. Actually let me re-phrase that. I love to cook. I do not bake as often as I would like primarily because my scale does not like me when I stick close to my spring-form pan and muffin tins. This weekend, though, my baking tools were calling my name. White-chocolate coconut cupcakes – Yum! I will limit myself to one today...

A Warm Weekend

Yesterday was a good day. The weather has slowly gotten warmer this week. In fact, the winter this year in North Carolina felt much warmer in comparison to last year. I’m not sure if it was because of this warmer weather or the desire to see everything that is here at Camp LeJeune before we move to Missouri – but either way, I decided to visit several memorials near Camp Johnson yesterday morning. I hadn’t been to the Beirut Memorial since moving here 2 years ago but have heard about it as well as the new Vietnam Memorial recently built on the same property. Here are some of my personal favorites from my adventure yesterday morning.
Beirut Memorial
The Beirut Memorial is a simple structure made of several concrete walls and a lone statue of a soldier in uniform. The names of those who died at Beirut are engraved in the concrete – and the saying “They Came in Peace” is boldly written on the other side of the soldier. Yesterday morning when I arrived at the memorial, there was only an older couple there sitting together holding hands on one of the benches facing the concrete walls. I didn’t feel it was right to photograph them as it seemed to be an intimate time for them both. I can only imagine what they were thinking and feeling…

Someone had left flowers at the feet of the soldier some time ago. It seems cliché to have something inside of me tighten at the sight of dead flowers at this spot but it is real. You can still see the morning dew on the petals.
Twin Towers Memorial
Nearby there is a small section of one of the beams from the Twin Towers. I didn’t realize it was there but decided to take a look at it anyway. The nails were impressive… crooked and marred. The edge of the beam had hardened bubbles of metal. The proof of destruction in a standard piece of something normal reminded me of another time in my life.

Vietnam Memorial

Lastly I went to the Vietnam Memorial, which was tucked away behind some trees. It was surrounded by large, thick-paned glass walls – which were engraved with names. The glass walls circled a small water fountain, and there were strong, solid concrete columns in the center of the structure. The structure was striking because it was so bright but also very calming. The glass, the water, the whiteness of it all. It is very powerful to be standing in the middle of this reminder of the past with the names of individuals all around you. I couldn’t help but get a little emotional because this is real. It’s a reminder of the past – it’s a reminder of today. I pray daily for God to bless my husband and keep him safe in all he does. Personally, it is good for me to see things like this because it keeps me grounded in the faith and trust I have in God because without Him, I think I would get lost in the noise of all of this.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day One

It was 35 degrees today in North Carolina but I decided to go out and practice taking pictures anyway. Camp LeJeune has turned out to be a great place to take pictures the last few weeks. There's the ocean, beautiful scenary and interesting industrial sections all over base. Michael was kind enough to be my "model" today for a few of the shots. I would love to find someone in a formal (or even better, a wedding dress) to photograph against the industrial backdrop of the warehouses on base. I just think it would be fabulous.

The next stop was a section of land by some of the barracks used by the marines during PT. I like the simple nature of this photograph and thought the weathering of the wood told a story. It made me stop...

And as always, I took a few shots of the ocean. The water is so beautiful here, and I have enjoyed it beyond what I thought I would. Today the wind was low but there was a silent chill on the water. The mood of the water really changes with the season - you can almost feel it. I also thought the red-tinted foliage in the foreground was gorgeous.

My plans for this blog are relatively simple - to show my journey and growth in photography as I learn how to look at life through the lens of my camera. Thank you for participating with me in this education - I promise it will be a good time!

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